January 11, 2018 Minutes

St. Elmo Public Library District

311 Cumberland Road

St. Elmo, IL 62458


Board Meeting Minutes

January 11th, 2018


Present: Koberlein, Wegscheid, Kamnick, Arnold, Denton, Crawford, Hough, Director Karnes

Guests: JoAn Evans, Wayne Moran


The Board Meeting was called to order at 7:01 p,m. by President Koberlein. Minutes of the 11/9/17 meeting were read and approved. Treasurer and librarian’s reports were presented (see attached). Motion by Wegscheid, seconded by Crawford to approve and pay the bills. Motion carried.


Director Karnes presented the Librarian’s report. She said she contacted Weber’s Jewelry about repairing the clock at St. Elmo Library.

Crawford said he has filed the Per Capita grant paperwork.

Wayne Moran is working on the library’s new website. Also on getting New Wave internet and phone at the Brownstown Branch Library.

At the Beecher City Branch Library JoAn Evans said the exit doors need some repair. They also replaced the water heater.

On February 16th there will be a book signing with Georgia Evans at Beecher City Branch Library.

The lease is up on the copier at Beecher City Branch Library. Motion was made by Arnold, seconded by Kamnick to lease a new copier from Konica Minolta Business Solutions for $65.00 per month with a 5 year lease. Motion carried.

Director Karnes will advertise for bids for mowing on Facebook for the St. Elmo and Beecher City Branch Libraries.

Motion by Crawford, seconded by Hough to adopt Ordinance No. 2017-6. A Ordinance Establishing A Policy To Prohibit Sexual Harassment In The St. Elmo Public Library District, Fayette, Effingham And Shelby Counties, Illinois

Koberlein yes

Wegscheid yes

Kamnick yes

Arnold yes

Denton yes

Crawford yes

Hough yes Motion carried.


Motion by Denton, seconded by Kamnick to enter closed session to discuss personnel at 8:14p.m. Motion carried. Motion by Denton, seconded by Kamnick to leave closed session at 8:18 p.m.

Motion to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. by Kamnick, seconded by Crawford.

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