September 13, 2018 Meeting Minutes

St. Elmo Library District
311 Cumberland Road
St. Elmo, IL 62458

Board Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2018

Present: President Koberlein, Hough, Crawford, Kamnick, Denton, Arnold, Director
Guests: JoAnn Evans, Wayne Moran

The Board Meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by President Koberlein. Minutes of the 8/9/18 meeting were read and approved. Treasurer and librarian’s reports were presented (see attached). Motion by Denton, seconded by Crawford to approve and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Director Karnes stated that she has hired a custodian for the St. Elmo Library and the Beecher City Branch Library. She also stated that they had a book sale on September 1st and they made $96.00. Also that on August 29th JoAnn Evans was released to work with no restrictions. The fire extinguishers were re-certified for another year. The fan in the museum is broken and will be replaced.

JoAnn Evans said that at the Beecher City Branch Library they have had several positive comments on the new lights installed. There is a squirrel eating at the west door, so flashing will be placed on the door to defer this. The bathroom floor has been painted. She had ply-board on the backs of some book cases installed and it still needs to be painted.

Wayne Moran said he will call the library’s former hosting provider and cancel this. We are using the new one he created. He will also contact Tech Soup about Microsoft Office. He also stated that some of the computers are so old that when he installed Windows 10 they no longer work. The board discussed buying options for replacing some computers.

The lease for the property at the Beecher City Branch Library is signed.
The IPLAR paperwork is done.
The new contract with Dietrich Bank was signed.
The board discussed landscaping at the St. Elmo Library.
New cabinets will be ordered for the west wall behind the circulation desk. The price is $1450.00.
The board discussed and agreed that a $3000.00 extra payment will be made on the Beecher City Branch Library loan.
The board decided that the new movie license will be canceled.
The next board meeting will be held on October 18th at the Brownstown Branch Library.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Crawford, seconded by Kamnick at 8:02 p.m.