New Books

Please note that these dates are the release dates for the book, not the dates that they are readily available in the libraries. 

If they are not available on the shelf, we can place a hold on the book title for you.

8/4/2020 The Falcon Always Wings Twice Donna Andrews
8/4/2020 The Friendship List Susan Mallery
8/4/2020 The Last Mrs. Summers Rhys Bowen
8/4/2020 Midnight Sun Stephenie Meyer
8/4/2020 Sucker Punch Laurell K. Hamilton
8/11/2020 Choppy Water Stuart Woods
8/11/2020 The Midwife Murders James Patterson
8/11/2020 No Offense Meg Cabot
8/11/2020 A Private Cathedral James Lee Burke
8/18/2020 The Jackal J. R. Ward
8/18/2020 Royal Danielle Steel
8/25/2020 Truth and Justice Fern Michaels
8/25/2020 Howloween Murder Laurien Berenson
8/25/2020 Thick as Thieves Sandra Brown
8/25/2020 Whirlwind Janet Dailey