New Books

Please note that these dates are the release dates for the book, not the dates that they are readily available in the libraries. 

If they are not available on the shelf, we can place a hold on the book title for you.

12/4/2018 The Bride of Ivy Green Klassen, Julie
12/4/2018 Eggs on Ice Childs, Laura
12/4/2018 Fire & Heist Durst, Sarah Beth
12/4/2018 Of Blood and Bone Roberts, Nora
12/4/2018 Leaving Lavender Tides Coble, Colleen
12/11/2018 The Enemy of My Enemy Griffing, W. E. B.
12/11/2018 Pandemic Cook, Robin
12/18/2018 Moondust Lake Bunn, T. Davis
12/18/2018 The Black Hills Johnstone, William
12/18/2018 Preacher’s Rage Johnstone, William
12/31/2018 The Boy Hoag, Tami
12/31/2018 A Delicate Touch Woods, Stuart
12/31/2018 Verses for the Dead Preston, Douglas J.