New Books

Please note that these dates are the release dates for the book, not the dates that they are readily available in the libraries. 

If they are not available on the shelf, we can place a hold on the book title for you.

5/1/2018   The Burning Maze Riordan, Rick
5/1/2018   The Forgotten Road Evans, Richard Paul
5/1/2018   Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic Atkins, Ace
5/1/2018   Storm Front Warren, Susan May
5/1/2018   Honeysuckle Dreams Hunter, Denise
5/8/2018   The Crooked Staircase Koontz, Dean
5/8/2018 Death Doesn’t Bargain Kenyon, Sherrilyn
5/8/2018 The High Tide Club Andrews, Mary Kay
5/8/2018 The Other Lady Vanishes Quick, Amanda
5/15/2018   By Invitation Only Frank, Dorothea Benton
5/15/2018 The Cast Steel, Danielle
5/15/2018 Charmed Bones Haines, Carolyn
5/15/2018 Princess Patterson, James
5/22/2018 Beach House Reunion Monroe, Mary Alice
5/22/2018 The Outsider King, Stephen
5/29/2018 Crime and Punctuation Dunnett, Kaitlyn
5/29/2018 The Diva Cooks Up a Storm Davis, Krista
5/29/2018 The Gray Ghost Cussler, Clive
5/29/2018 My Kind of Christmas Dailey, Janet
5/29/2018 Probable Claws Brown, Rita Mae
5/29/2018 Fade to Black Graham, Heather
5/29/2018 Shelter in Place Roberts, Nora
5/29/2018 To the Moon and Back Kingsbury, Karen
5/29/2018 Evil Never Sleeps Johnstone, William
5/29/2018 The Devil to Pay Johnstone, William