New Books

Please note that these dates are the release dates for the book, not the dates that they are readily available in the libraries. 

If they are not available on the shelf, we can place a hold on the book title for you.

9/10/2018   Juror #3 Patterson, James
9/11/2018 The Forbidden Door Koontz, Dean
9/11/2018 Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind Coleman, Reed Farrel
9/11/2018 Shadow Tyrants Cussler, Clive
9/11/2018 Freedom’s Light Coble, Colleen
9/18/2018 Echoes of Evil Graham, Heather
9/18/2018 Dark Tide Rising Perry, Anne
9/18/2018 Through Darkest Europe Turtledove, Harry
9/18/2018 Why Not Tonight Mallery, Susan
9/18/2018 A Willing Murder Deveraux, Jude
9/25/2018 A Catered Cat Wedding Crawford, Isis
9/25/2018 Christmas Cake Murder Fluke, Joanne
9/25/2018 Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge Levine, Laura
9/25/2018 Red War Mills, Kyle
9/25/2018 Remembrance Monroe, Mary
9/25/2018 Silver Anniversary Murder Meier, Leslie
9/25/2018 Right Between the Eyes Johnstone, William
9/25/2018 A Simple Christmas Hubbard, Charlotte
9/29/2018 The Christmas Prayer Brunstetter, Wanda