March 15, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

St. Elmo Library District 

311 W Cumberland Road

St. Elmo, IL 62458

The St. Elmo District Library Board Meeting was held Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at the St. Elmo Public Library.

Board members present were President T. Koberlein, Hord, Crawford, Hough, Kamnick, Arnold, B. Koberlein and Director Karnes.

No guests were present.

The meeting was called to order by President Koberlein at 6:00 p.m.

Minutes of the 2/10/2022 meeting approved.   It was mentioned that the money spent on advertising for the open position at Beecher City Library, was well spent due to the fact that two people were hired. The kitchen backsplash, shelving, as well as other kitchen little jobs had been completed and paid for. Amazon is still causing problems with the way they are billing for purchases made.  Kim and Connie are hoping they have found a way around the problem, but it will involve more paperwork for Kim. A motion was made by Crawford and seconded by Hord to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills. 

During the Librarian’s Report, Director Kim Karnes mentioned the Brownstown’s circulation had really gone down last month and Beecher City were up. St. Elmo Library computers are not being used as much as previously, due to the fact of previous users relocating and other reasons. Director Karnes said that ProWire got the cameras installed at the Brownstown Branch Library. A flat screen TV is now needed to complete the installation. Beecher City Branch Library will be needing one for their security system also.

In the Director’s Communication, Kim said both of the newly hired people were already trained and seemed to catch on quickly. Four cameras will be installed at Beecher City along with all equipment needed at the cost of $856.50. That included a yard sign and two window decals giving notice of cameras on the property and a three year warranty on equipment and a one year labor warranty.  It was recommended and approved to upgrade from a four port to an eight port for $150. That will allow adding additional cameras without paying for a new port system.  Discussion was made about getting all LED lights to replace the current lights at the Brownstown Branch and replacing the rest of the lights still needing LED lights at the St. Elmo Library. A motion was made by Kamnick and seconded by Hough to replace lights that are not LED lights at the Brownstown Branch and the St. Elmo Library. Kim announced that we have received the Bruce Penwell Jr. Grant for Beecher City in the amount of $1000. Peggy would like part of the money to be used for a cabinet to replace the cart being currently used. The Baptist Foundation Endowment informed the board of its increase in funding during this year. The Library District Board receives funding from the Foundation four times a year. Dustin Fulk talked to Kim about the back doors.  The board decided to keep the new doors similar to the doors that are currently there, if we had to have a metal support in the middle for the new doors. Three of the fastest flushing toilets that President T. Koberlein has ever seen have been purchased from Bradford’s in the amount of $435 and will be installed soon. 

Old Business included discussion about the Reading Garden. Hopefully, with the weather warmer Derrick will be getting started soon. Chalkboards have been framed, installed and seasoned at the front part of the library.  Discussion about the Memorial for the Beecher City Library entailed finding the rock, but the different letter size is a problem.  The board decided to have Sue look around for someone that can cut the lettering in a way we need it to read. We would like to have 1” lettering.  No updates on the Beecher City lease.  Don had to rewrite the answer to one of the questions on the grant because he used the word “most” and they were confused.  They approved the update.  A Bookmobile was discussed as a future possibility. The three bathrooms will soon be painted in the color “Peach Blossom”. Suggestion was made about taking the LVT flooring into the employee bathroom, since we have extra, depending on the cost. There was quite a bit of discussion about issues with the Beecher City Library plumbing. Open house was tentatively planned for June 4. More discussion will be planned for a later date.

Arnold made a motion to adorn the meeting, seconded by Hough.  The meeting ended at 7:20 p.m.