July 8, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

St. Elmo Public Library District

311 W Cumberland Road

St. Elmo, IL 62458

Board Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2022

Present:  Kamnick, Crawford, Hord, President T. Koberlein, B. Koberlein and Director Karnes

Guest: None

Meeting was called to order by President T. Koberlein at 6:00 pm.  The first 10 minutes were to allow the public to speak.  No one felt the need to come and speak.

Discussion was started at 6:10.  

Minutes of the 6/9/2022 meeting were read and approved.

A review of the financial statement was discussed. A motion was made by Crawford and seconded by Hord to approve the treasurer’s report and pay the bills.  It was passed by a unanimous vote. The financial statement was placed on file for audit.

During the Librarian’s Report, Kim said that circulation was back up this past month. Petty cash remained stable at all three libraries. 

For the Director’s Communication, Kim stated that she had looked up to see when the board members terms expire. B. Koberlein, President T. Koberlein and Kamnik terms will expire April, 2027. Crawford and Hough will expire April, 2023. Arnold and Hord will expire April, 2025. Discussion was made by Director Karnes about getting a Bingo license for the St. Elmo Park District while being sheltered under the St. Elmo Library District.  The application form needed to be signed by the President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Those three members agreed to sign. Library staff that wanted the library t-shirts have been ordered. Some of the staff were wanting additional shirts and they will pay for the additional shirts themselves. The doors for the back room is currently on hold, due to installers’ backlog. 

For the Old Business, there was a lot of discussion about the local cats in and around the area and how they can be controlled. For the Reading Garden, St. Elmo Library is needing a hose cart and a second hose about 50 foot long to make watering the garden easier.  The Beecher City Memorial will be discussed more at our next meeting. As far as the Beecher City plumbing problem, is still on hold. The back roof at the St. Elmo Library is still on hold. The lease in Beecher City is now closed for discussion. On the Illinois Public Library per Capita Grant gave the district $8.94 as well as, per Capital Grant in the amount of $8,944.40 for the year.

For New Business, a motion was made by Crawford and seconded by Hord to certify the Secretary’s book. Crawford, yes, Hord, yes, Kamnick, yes, B. Koberlein, yes, T. Koberlein, yes. The board announced that it will be doing an audit every year. 

A motion was made by Crawford and seconded by Kamnick to approve the tax levy, Public Notice of Ordinance No. 2022-2. AN ORDINANCE TO LEVY AND ASSESS A TAX FOR ST. ELMO PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT OF THE COUNTIES OF FAYETTE, EFFINGHAM AND SHELBY, STATE OF ILLINOIS FOR THE FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY1, 2022 AND ENDING JUNE 30, 2023.  Crawford, yes. Hord, yes. T. Koberlein, yes. Kamnick, yes. B. Koberlein, yes.

The reading program is going to be a little different this year at all three libraries. St. Elmo will be 7/11 – 7/15, Brownstown will be 7/18 – 7/22, Beecher City will be 7/25 – 7/29.  The times will be 1:00 – 2:30 pm. The kids can attend all three, if they would like. Each reading program will be identical. Salary for staff during the summer reading program was discussed and worked out. If they were working extra, they will be paid extra.  If they are scheduled to work during that time, the rate will be the same.

Our accountant, Larry Stine will retire in December and Tony made another suggestion that might work out.

A motion was made by Crawford and seconded by Hord to end the meeting at 7:19 pm.